Use internal corporate telephone directories to increase your profits!

Do you find internal corporate phone directories useful in your recruiting efforts to find suitable candidates? If so, our service may be of interest to you.

These directories are difficult to obtain and are not available through traditional sources. Many are Fortune 500, but others are also included. Typically they list name, direct phone number, job title and email address. Sometimes these can be a better sourcing alternative than going through your thousands of resumes or the Internet.

Prices vary but typically are $250 and up depending on recency and format. For an additional charge we will try to locate anything you request. We also trade directories. If you would like a list of companies for which we have directories, call us at 301-956-6706 or email us at corporatecontact(at)netscape(dot)net.

If you have not been using corporate phone directories to gather information on your main competitors, perhaps you should consider adding it to your arsenal of techniques for such activities. Interesting tidbits of information can often be extracted from these directories, such as the number of people your competitor employs in various departments, such as research or sales. You may want to adjust your personnel accordingly. Obviously directories can be used to call people at the target company and obtain information from them that the company would prefer not be known to outsiders. This is a safer method of gathering data than risking getting caught dumpster-diving.

More and more in today's business climate, information gathering techniques are being reevaluated and refined. Hopefully these directories can give you a clearer picture of data that has proved elusive in the past.


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