For Stock Brokers

In a unique approach to telephone prospecting, Corporate Contacts has available the internal corporate phone directories of major corporations. Many are Fortune 500, but other companies are also included.

These directories, difficult to obtain, are not commercially available through list brokers or other traditional sources. Typically they list name, direct phone number and job title. These can be a better alternative for calling than the college alumni, criss-cross directories and wealthy individual lists that are so overused.

There is a $400 minimum and 30 day exclusive. There is also a no-risk guarantee so a broker can exchange any list with which he is not satisfied.

According to Registered Representative magazine, 70% of brokers leave the business within 24 months. List selection is crucial, and one of the main factors for success.

One more point. From time-to-time, someone might ask how you got their name. You say "I've got a list here of people who are supposed to have money. Did they make a mistake in your case?" You'll normally get a laugh from that response. If not, move on to the next one. Good hunting!

For a list of companies for which we have directories, call us at 301-956-6706 or email us at corporatecontact(at)netscape(dot)net.

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