For Recruiters

As you may have sensed, it is getting much harder to call into a company and ruse your way around from gatekeeper to gatekeeper. They seem to have a sixth sense for identifying recruiters. Memos are often circulated throughout companies telling their personnel that if they suspect they are getting a ruse call from a recruiter, either hang up or transfer it to the public relations department so they can give them the brush-off.

Many companies, especially the hi-tech ones, don't even print phone books anymore, but maintain them electronically on the computer, so they can update them daily.

Although we tend to deal more with contingency recruiters, we also work with the big retainer firms. We are often asked how we get directories. If there were some secret method, we wouldn't reveal it. But there is no mystery to it. We mainly get them from our numerous recruiter contacts who probably obtain them from their candidates. We also advertise in the major newspapers indicating we will buy them.

For a list of companies for which we have directories, call us at 301-956-6706 or email us at corporatecontact(at)netscape(dot)net.

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